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Let your direct mailing speak for itself!

How to stay in direct contact with your customers even during the contact freeze

Direct mailings are not only a sure-fire success in the technical sense. In the era of digital communication, direct mail continues to enjoy great popularity because it can boast good to excellent response rates. In times of the Corona pandemic, it now takes on an additional significance. As your company’s postal ambassador, it sends your customers the decisive signal: “We will stay by your side and offer our products/services in the following ways …”. For you as a marketer, agency creative or business leader, this communication channel is a massive advantage at a time when many industries are affected by the public lock down. Especially now, it is even more important to show your customer base that you can be reached undiminished or with specific restrictions.

The advantage of direct mail lies precisely in its postal form. Many companies bundle the weekly mail to their employees, others have individual forwarding orders to home offices. And while meetings and job responsibilities are shifting to the digital world, mail is better received in the literal sense. Just think of yourself for a moment! Those who interrupt the flood of emails and Messenger messages to sift through the mail are more likely to focus their attention on a high-quality print piece. The effect is especially amplified if the mail has been personalized and has multisensory effects.

Electronic finishing ensures response and is your “postal sales force”

Electronic enhancements with video, sound or light – the innovative playing field of Audio Logo – give you a special edge. Video-in-Print and Sound-in-Print printed matter in particular can act as your “postal sales force” in times of contact blockage. Imagine, for example, a video card with a personalized cover letter to select customers communicating a new product, relevant service or important company information. Or a sound-in-print card in Din-long format, with which your own voice reaches the ear of the target group unhindered, as if you yourself were sitting next to your customer at the conference table. Light-in-Print also helps to stage your message in an eye-catching way. Backlit or pulse-finished direct mails are eye-catching and playfully direct the focus of your recipients to the essentials. The message “We are here for you!” reaches the target group directly and creates a positive buzz.

Wherever personal contact is not possible, an electronically enhanced direct mailing can make your customers feel personally welcome. Moving images, a radiant message, and a familiar voice put you in direct contact with your customers. Without wastage, without detours and without the risk of “contagion”. So if you are facing the challenge right now of changing your communication, looking for new media channels that are suitable for your messages, and want to address your target groups in the most personal way possible, let us advise you. Our communication solutions really grab attention.

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