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    General Questions

    How is the disposal of sound, light and video cards managed?

    All of our products are registered with the EAR foundation and the GRS. All of our products are labeled with the trash can symbol and our logo. Cards can be sent back to us or taken to your local recycling center and disposed of at no charge to you. We recommend you write this or a similar sentence on the card: „This product must not be thrown away in your household trash, it must be disposed of at your local recycling center, or sent back to the manufacturer. The disposal is free of charge.“

    Is it possible to get white or unprinted samples?

    Of course, we can provide white cards for you. But even printed samples are available upon request.

    How do I get samples?

    Just ask! We are happy to provide free samples for you.

    How does your production process work?

    1. You receive an offer from us with coresponding samples.
    2. You give us the order.
    3. We send you the die lines in the required format. You send us the print, sound and/or video data.
    4. We check your data and create samples and PDFs for your approval.
    5. After your approval we start production.

    Where are our cards made?

    Our products are made in Germany/Europe. For large orders or upon request we can produce and ship to you from the far east. Just ask us!

    What are the delivery times for the different cards?

    It really depends upon the size of your order. Standard is 2 to 4 weeks.

    What is the minimum number of pieces?

    100 pieces for products with video and 500 pieces for products with sound or light.


    Which format is required for our Sound in Print products?

    .wav file (44.1Khz., Mono, 16Bit)

    How long does the battery last?

    Depending on length and quality of the sound file, the cards can be played generally 150-300 times.

    What is the sound quality like?

    Our standard sampling rate is 15 Khz, upon request this can be increased up to 24 Khz.


    What file format is required for Video in Print?

    4.0“ HD screen:

    • File format (container): mp4
    • Format for video and loading screen: 16:9 with 1280 x 720 pixels

    5.0“ HD screen

    • File format (container): mp4
    • Format for video and loading screen: 16:9 with 1280 x 720 pixels

    7.0“ HD screen

    • File format (container): mp4/AVI
    • Format for video and loading screen: about 16:9 with 1280 x 720 pixels

    10.0“ screen

    • File format (container): mp4/AVI
    • Format for video and loading screen: about 16:9 with 1280 x 720 pixels

    Same for all formats:

    • Frame rate: 25 frames per sec.
    • Video-codec: h264/XviD
    • Video-bitrate: about 1500 kbit/sec
    • Audio-codec: AAC/mp3
    • Audio-bitrate: 128 kbit/sec
    • Audio-sampling rate: 44.1 kHz

    You need another screen? Please ask us!

    What screen sizes are available?

    • 4.0“ HD screen (88 x 54mm)
    • 5.0“ HD screen (109 x 61mm)
    • 7.0“ HD screen (153 x 86mm)
    • 10.0“ screen (223mm x 125mm)

    You need another screen? Please ask us!

    What length is possible for the videos?

    Standard is 256MB memory or about 15 minutes, expandable up to several hours, upon request.

    How many videos can be saved on one card?

    Standard is 3 video play buttons with volume control of loud/soft.

    Are the video in print cards rechargeable?

    The video cards can be charged with a normal mini USB cable. Open and activate the card, then connect the mini USB cable with the card and power source.

    Can I change films on the video card?

    There are cards with an opened or closed data port. Depending on the customers requirements, the videos can be changed. On request we can provide you with programming instructions. Just ask.

    How long does the battery last?

    The batteries last about 60 – 120 minutes before needing to be recharged. If the battery runs empty you can always recharge it with a mini USB cable.

    What is a loading screen?

    The loading screen appears first in the video screen for 1-2 seconds after activation, while the module is „warming up“.

    What functions are possible for the buttons?

    We offer volume regulation, a play/pause button, chapter buttons for different films, rewind and fast forward. If you have another function you don’t see, please ask.


    How do I create the layout for a Sound-, Light- or Video in print card?

    We send you the die lines for your product. In the die lines, you will find a precise description of how to create the layout. We will send you an instruction video if needed. Just ask.

    What special formats and materials are available?

    Special formats are not so difficult for us, even at small quantities! It doesn’t matter if you need a special format, a print spectacular or special effect… we will find the perfect solution for you!

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