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ProGlove – Video Box

The Advantage is Obvious!

ProGlove created a box with us, the special appeal for which lies in the fact that it creates the stage for a star in an asthetically perfect way. The star is a special glove equipped with a scanner on the back of the hand. Logistics professionals appreciate this little marvel, because the ProGlove scan glove does in one step what you need twice as long for, with a hand-held scanner.

The videobox for presenting ProGlove to selected decision-makers in the automotive, retail and logistics sectors worldwide was assembled in house by hand at Audio Logo.  The matt black box with magnetic closure, integrates a 7 inch video screen with foam nest cut-out for the glove, and comes in a white DIN A4 shipping carton.   After opening, a personalized letter introduces the scanner and a chic product brochure highlights the advantages while the product film gives the perfect visual/auditory presentation for the glove. A product replica is embedded in the foam nest under the brochure. One could not have imagined the ProGlove to be more effective and stylish. A real “hands-on experience” for the 200 addressees as well as for us – hands on it!


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