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Videobox Alpen Maykestag

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Audio Logo GmbH_Videobox_A4+_geschlossenAudio Logo GmbH_Videobox_A4+ Audio Logo GmbH_Videobox_A4+_Schuber

Video-in-Print Videobox

Anyone who thinks tool manufacturers cannot market themselves is wrong: Alpen-Maykestag, the Austrian developer and producer of drill bits, milling equipment and special tools, goes the exclusive route by impressing their customers with a sophisticated video box showing the presentation of the new automated storage warehouse. The box is as sophisticated and progressive as the thing itself – designed to fit the company look, foldable, with moving pictures, inserts and a cover letter. 450 video boxes were shipped to retailers in 26 countries in Europe, North and South America and the Middle East by Audio Logo’s lettershop department.

The special feature?   The video on the inside of the box lid can be taken out, programmed with personal pictures and used as a personal display or digital photo frame. The necessary power supply is included via a USB-Type C cable. Also included is a 5-piece set of drill bits and “handmade moments of happiness” from the ZUCKERLWERKSTATT. Last but not least, the video box impresses with the sustainability factor, because the video screen can be played with additional videos as well as with pictures and music and played in an endless loop – and thus perform its successful service as a table or counter top display!


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