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Le Gruyère AOP

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How Le Gruyère AOP uses
High-Tech Communication to boost its sales

When we think of Switzerland, we think of exclusive watches, the finest chocolates and of course the world’s best cheese culture! Just as extraordinary as all swiss products that are made according to traditional craftsmanship is the page-turning book of the cheese manufacturer Le Gruyère AOP, with a print run of 1,150 pieces and in seven different language versions, which acts as an interface between traditional companies and retailers.

The entire cheese production process is explained in large format (DIN A4+) on seven different pages – from the quality raw milk to the final sale in the cheese trade. The trick: Even when you turn the pages, the screen does not disappear, and always remains visible through a window to the 7-inch HD screen.

With this videobook, Le Gruyère AOP has created a masterpiece of sales communication: robust in its feel, technically well thought-out, and personable in its speech. This makes selling to the end customer child’s play – because products that are known in detail can simply be sold better, easier and faster.

A win-win situation par excellence – and a wonderful reflection of Swiss quality thinking.


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