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Video Packaging – Alulux Qompact

Audio Logo GmbH_Videoverpackung_komposition
Audio Logo GmbH_Videoverpackung_komposition

Touched, seduced: Packaging as a sensual experience

For over 50 years Alulux has specialized in the development of high quality and innovative visual, solar, noise and burglary protection products.  Together with Manx Design and the Audio Logo Team, Alulux developed a multisensory presentation box:  This innovative packaging solution was created with an integrated video screen, a product brochure and two Alulux profile samples. During a product demonstration or sales pitch, the box presents the quality characteristics across different narrative levels. The tread patterns in the aluminum samples convince the customer in a tactile and visual way. Technical facts from the attached brochure explain its advantages. And finally, this packaging surprises and inspires, as it launches the video evidence for the security system as a multimedia story. This packaging solution is responsible for sales success!

The presentation box in A3 format sets the product innovation spectacularly in scene. Its special feature is the integrated video-in-print screen, which manages to pack the product advantages into an exciting story. The message: It’s impossible to break in! The black slipcase with a laser cut screen pattern reveals the lettering “LOCKED”. The die-cuts of the empty slipcase form a moiré effect, copied from the design of the product, and repeated in the partial UV varnish on the surface of the red box. By opening the box a “table cinema” emerges. The lid is a 7.0″ HD  IPS screen with 2 videos. The product brochure in the box itself is in the same signal colors and matte scratch free laminate as the packaging. The second surprise is waiting underneath. Embedded in a soft and tender anthracite foam are 2 profile samples of the new shutter and door system made of a heavy, quality aluminum. This “hands-on experience” are convincing of their advantages and characteristics. The multi-level packaging travels through  all levels of argumentation from rational to emotional, from factual to sensual telling the story of security and dissolving the boundaries of presentation and selling of a product in a highly innovative way.

The effect: a secure and good feeling!

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