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Video Book The Factor-Y – The winning Formula

Success In Principle

“A great idea is the heartbeat of every successful company” is the motto of the film which starts when this video book is opened. When it comes to business success, one often reads about the principles of Gen Y and the X-factor, turning ideas into gold. The strategists of the consulting firm The Factor-Y have examined successful companies and entrepreneurs and christened their consulting approach in their name. An extremely intelligent principle that makes its appearance as a limited edition, premium video book. Presented in a hardcover slipcase with partial 3D UV coating and soft-touch laminate, the interior contains a DIN A4 landscape-format hardcover book with an integrated HD IPS video screen and an elegantly designed brochure. The mix of moving images and text make us curious about “Factor-Y”. Analytics meets aesthetics, abstract intelligence meets practical relevance. Success could not be more convincing.

It was also a great idea this premium book came into being, mixing video with the printed page, just like bringing start-ups, founders, and financiers together. The 10” HD IPS screen with its 5 control buttons generates interest in the viewer, who is already curious about the success formula of the consulting company. A limited edition of only 29 pieces.

The book leaves an indelible impression with its multisensory finish. And that, is our success factor!



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