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Light-in-print for Indigo

Welcome to your Goal!

The Indigo Group is a french company that operates city car parks and develops international mobility solutions. Audio Logo’s job was to manufacture a brochure which communicates the company principles of transparency and order for the orientation of new employees. We were able to develop a very high-quality Light-in-Print portfolio that literally lights the way for newcomers to Indigo.

This is a folder in A4 format with partial UV high-gloss varnish, with all the most important information and tools for newcomers in one place. When the folder is opened, the Indigo Logo is brightly illuminated. The die cut letters are backlit and signals: “Here you are at the right place, welcome to your destination!” Under the “neon lettering” is a booklet in Q-format, which summarizes the most important information about the company in 40 pages. The nest for the matching pen is just below. Another highlight: individual information sheets in the form of inserts as well as the employment contract are inserted in the pocket on the left side. And tucked away is a USB cable to recharge the battery. The overall impression: highly professional and absolutely custom made. This Light-in-Print brochure creates a first impression of placing a crown on the recipient. Because, whoever has received such a radiant brochure can only smile back, right?


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