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Le Gruyère AOP
360° Touchscreen Video Card

Mifroma 360°-Touchscreen-Videokarte-Komposition
Mifroma 360°-Touchscreen-Videokarte-KompositionMifroma 360°-Touchscreen-Videokarte-geschlossen Mifroma 360°-Touchscreen-Videokarte-offen

360° Touchscreen Video Card for
Le Gruyère AOP & Mifroma

It doesn’t matter whether it’s watches, chocolate, or pocket-knives – when the Swiss do something, they do it right! Really good and very high quality.

This is of course also the case with the famous cheese Le Gruyère AOP.  Imagine how the high-quality pasture milk is stirred by hand in large barrels, how the rounds of cheese after cheese is stored on wooden shelves, several meters high to mature and how each wheel is personally checked by the maître fromager, before it begins the journey into international markets.

Sounds too good to be true. But it is, because it reflects the manufacturing and refining processes of Le Gruyère AOP and Mifroma.

In order to anchor this concept of high quality directly in the minds of the ultimate seller, the traditional Swiss company sent out 350 high-tech video cards. The 7-inch HD screen can be controlled using a touch function and even allows the viewer to take a 360-degree look at any point in the video. Camera angles that alternate one after the other are a thing of the past – today its an all-round 360°view in high definition. At least at Le Gruyère and Mifroma. But of course, the Swiss demands for high quality and innovation does not surprise us in this case either.

Well done!

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