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Blue Yonder – mailing invitation

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Audio Logo GmbH_Videobroschüre_Direct_Mailing_Logo

“Sold out” is not an option!

Complexity of data evolves exponentially with a number of factors which may only be deciphered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). I beg your pardon? Put simply: If the goods are out of stock, the cash register remains empty. It’s that simple.

The more demand you have, the faster you must react. Many factors play a role here – price, day of the week … But how does one balance price and stock levels optimally? Blue Yonder’s innovation leaders specialize in commodity pricing and pricing software solutions. They work with machine learning algorithms, which they have developed explicitly for the retail trade.
That use of artificial intelligence is no longer just an interesting option, but the only promising future strategy!

Blue Yonder wanted to communicate as part of a direct marketing campaign with decision makers from the retail sector. The target group is very exclusive, and the campaign idea as well: It contains an updated annual hardcover publication on artificial intelligence in the retail trade and shows how retailers with AI-based solutions can transform their core business processes. For the perfect presentation, Blue Yonder decided to work with Audio Logo. “We are producing a video packaging solution in which the textbook will be sent,” explains Audio Logo founder Christopher Bardin. The video card in DIN A5 format is equipped with a 5-inch HD IPS display and is printed with a personalized invitation to a meeting with the CEO. From the stuctural design of the video card to the production of the packaging, to the letter shop, the Audio Logo team takes over the complete management of this project including delivery to the post.

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BusinessIT, Retail

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