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AS&S Radio – Hardcoverbook “Soccer-Fever”

Saturday Afternoon:
Germany in Soccer Fever

What is AS & S Radio?

The ARD SALES & SERVICES GmbH (AS & S) is the national advertising media agency for TV and radio. They are an ever-responsive, enthusiastic and service-oriented mediator between the media and advertising market – represented by agencies and advertising companies.

And why does AS & S Radio advertise with the term “fever”?

Because Germany is in a fever when it is Saturday afternoon. Because then almost all men (and some women) listen to soccer if not on radio on TV.

And why a video book?

Because it illustrates the feverish emotion generated by soccer, whether you listen on TV or radio. And many advertisers realize that their advertising will definitely be heard here “Advertise where emotions reach peak temperatures.”


Great show. Great idea. Great video book.

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